jinx runing under debian gnu linux
Jinx official desktop logo in 3d, made in wings3d
Jinx running under evilwm, currently adding items in the webbformula.
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This is Jinx Webbsite. Download the latest releases here or here


This software requires tcl/tk, download it at
2006-08-23 Jinx is released and i decided to keep the webserver in the package but to change the installation intructions and description. This version have a even more beautiful face than and have the ability to add items in a dialog box to, I hope you like it!
2006-08-20 I have now made a standalone version of the jinx menu, I will just test it some more before a final release.
2006-08-19 Im thinking about separating the webserver and the menu packetwise not projectwise. Hence Im not getting forward on the developement of the server and the menu can work very good as a standalone application on personal desktops. But yet I want to keep the server in the project and implement it later when it has more exciting futures and can communicate better with the menus. Feel free to email suggestions.
2006-08-15 Jinx Got released! WOHOO!
2006-08-15 Im about to release jinx- whitch will have aprovements on the visual side, the tk menu that is. I have made it possible to change colors by themes and made a dropmenu activated by rightclicking the main menu. This have minimized the menu size of jinx and I hope you dont dissaprove.

Feel free to request new features and questions regarding jinx to kugghjul [at] gmail [dot] com.